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I learn so much from Entrepreneurship...

The record label project that I run has taught me many lessons about working in the real world, way before I graduate from University. I once attended a conference about music industry practice, and I’ll always remember what one of the panel members said: “What we do isn’t “sexy”… It’s a hard slog!”. This really put me off working in music because I knew he was right, but I persevere…

The first and most important lesson is “Don’t think! Do!”, or more accurately, “If you have a plan, stick to the plan!”. I find that initially thinking about things is essential, but determining alternatives is not – I mean my biggest weakness that I am currently conquering is Hesitation. I used to say “hesitation costs, ambition earns”, but this is counter productive because ambition requires hesitation to think about it. This is quite a new lesson learned considering I have been running my label for some time now, but currently whenever I come up with a plan using common sense (that’s what “business sense” boils down to, I suppose) not ambition, I go through with it strait away as hesitation will just cost me time I don’t have. This has proved quite an effective way to go about business, and life in general!

A more difficult lesson I learned is “Cut the fat!”. Assertiveness is something I have to use, and I don’t mind being assertive because it gets the job done (unlike aggression and submissiveness of course). It’s a difficult lessons because of when I have to be Ruthless… There were times when I just got told excuse for not doing work after excuse for not doing work, and it did actually guilt trip me into letting it go – And so I have set a reasonable threshold, so there are so many excuses I can accept before I decide to let people go from a project and replace them ASAP. I have to be assertive and, unfortunately, ruthless for the greater good, which can be a harsh lesson for those working in the real world. What has to be done has to be done – There’s no point in many getting slowed down by a few, basically.

The final lesson is that: “It IS a hard slog!”. I have had many difficult problems (and a few successes on the positive side), and admittedly there have been times when I have encountered problems that require WAITING, which is very punishing as technically it’s a problem which I have, but cannot solve myself in 24 hours. I have now accepted that working in the real world is the opposite of easy and all that, but it is because of that that it is rewarding when tricky problems are overcome.

This post is written to inspire those who have not tried doing business projects yet to perhaps have a go at one, and to help those who are already doing business projects through tough times. Business projects do not have to be long term of course; they can be short term like organising a one day charity event etc. I’m not sure if I regret setting up a label or not to be honest – I just see it as an ordinary part time job with challenges :)

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SoundCloud / Seasons (Official)

Electrode & Astrio - Octanis (Seasons Chill Remix)

I have no idea why I am so obsessed with this song… It’s so cool!

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FIlms to watch this year…

I feel like I haven’t really watched that many new releases last year so I’ll make up for it this year!

I mean I did watch Elysium, but let’s be honest, that movie was trash disappointing - No wonder the Oscars ignored it. But then again they ignored Looper, one of the best films of the year…

Hopefully this year will be better… Especially in terms of sci-fi.

Edge Of Tomorrow - May 30

Groundhog Day with aliens?! This looks interesting. The trailer makes it look like a complex yet action filled special effects movie. Emily Blunt was great in Looper, and I’m always interested in how Hollywood recycles high concept ideas like Groundhog Day.

Jupiter Ascending - July 18

Once again The Wachowskies do Cyberpunk. Mila Kunis is a cleaner and Channing Tatum is a human slash wolf. I’ll be honest, this could either be just about okay, or really godawful. I mean the dialogue in the first trailer was horrendous. But I’m a sucker for cyberpunk stuff…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - August 8

I am interested to see if Nickelodeon Movies can save themselves after the horrid The Last Airbender. They have changed a few things, not too sure if that’s good or bad, but I want to see how they adapt TMNT for a current audience. My hopes are not high considering the turtles are now uglier and everything is Westernised to death, but it looks pretty…?

X-men: Days Of Future Past - May 23

Time travel and an ensemble cast of mutants, with Brian Singer directing. My hopes are kind of high for this one…

I better start saving up to watch these!

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Pulse Nine - "The Running Man" [Chiptune Demo]

A crazy chiptune demo I made under my IDM alias “Pulse Nine”.

Made mostly with the Logic Pro 9 ES P synth and good old Bitcrusher! I think I might have gone slightly overboard with this one, but we’ll see how this one goes down…

All riffs are original as far as I can tell, and the drum kit is called Lo Fi Kit. And yes I do like all things cyberpunk!

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SoundCloud / philmarchiemusic

Collapse: Coins Of The Pound Sterling

Just in case you missed it, here is another recent experimental composition I made!


I was given a brief where we had to showcase ideas of “Collapse”, through music and / or sound composition. 

Here I blended time stretched sounds of coins spinning around then collapsing, with ambience consisting of an underground train station.

This is to show the collapse of the economy, against the backdrop of many people going about their daily business, seemingly unaware of the “impending doom” situation.

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SoundCloud / philmarchiemusic

Metamorphosis: Bells And Drills

I created a short experimental electro acoustic composition based around Frankz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”.

I imagined the part when the lead character discovered he was not human, hence I reversed and time stretched sounds of drills (for a “horror” element) and bells (for a “dawning of realisation” element”), then added some synths to emphasise a surreal and abstract nature.

This is part of my “Workshop” compilation, where I create various experimental works for a University project.

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Uni Stress... [New blog via Inside Edge]

As you can imagine, being a full time student can be stressful. As part of my volunteering work (which, can you believe it, I’ve been doing for two Terms now and I begin my third after Easter), I attended a session in which we discussed problems people face in life, and one of them was Anger. Now that it is the Easter holidays, I am no longer surrounded by many others and the peace and quiet is increased for a while (it’s not totally gone - right now as I write there’s a loud security alarm going off outside :/ ). Stress clouds the mind, and not thinking strait means you’re on a jagged road, if I was to be super philosophical. Here I reflect on “Uni Stress” and how to possibly deal with it.

First of all, aggression is not the answer. Neither is letting it push you over. The best way to deal with Stress is assertiveness (easier said than done). There have been times when I have witnessed aggression, and even got mistaken for being aggressive, and literally nothing got sorted. I have found that approaching a situation with a polite yet strait forward manner usually works - ie. don’t bang on someone’s door hard whether you’re angry or not, as then you probably won’t get an answer. It also helps to try to turn negatives into a positive, as I notice that’s what my lecturers do. To me, hesitation is the enemy - the more I put off dealing with something via talking about it, the worse I feel before sorting it out, so for the future I will not treat the situations as completely bad because there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are alternatives to dealing with stress if attempts to communicate with the person “crossing the line” (so to speak) has to be held off for a while, such as looking through awards you have won etc. - I don’t mean this as some kind of vanity activity thing, but rather a way of surrounding yourself with things / people that make you feel happier, or at least help you see the negativity as relative positivity. Surprisingly, anger, or more specifically adrenaline, can be good sometimes. Not only is it nice to feel the heat rush through the veins if it hasn’t done for a while, but it also helps as a defence. Ie. if someone you loved was under threat, then the anger (and I seriously mean non violent anger) can help you protect that person.

So there’s my perspective on Uni Stress, and even though your Uni surroundings are generally good, it is almost inevitable that “those” days will occur. On the bright side, Stress is temporary when you deal with it, of course. I know it can be tricky talking to someone about the line they crossed, and also being talked to about crossing someone else’s line, but a great skill to have in whatever situation is Communication. Obviously try to not cross lines in the first place, but I find the Uni Stress i have gained comes from mistakes, and those mistakes I have learned from.

Note: I know this is quite a heavy blog post, so here’s a happy Japanese pop / rap song about studying! ↓↓↓

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Haven’t posted in a while, but we’re still moving!

New niche genre compilation “TOUR” is on the way, featuring genres like New Britrock and Dark Pop, so check this space regularly for updates.

We also have a new domain to make life a little easier.

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Just experimenting with some new designs for the blog - I’m trying not to mess up the new design like @soundcloud and @spotify did with theirs!

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Check out my new secondary blog Cyberpunk Time! - 

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Ghost In The Shell (1995) review - #CyberpunkTime


I finally watched this 1995 anime movie after, yes after, watching the Stand Alone Complex series adapted from the movie, which is of course a very complex series in itself! Here we get less than 90 minutes of “Ghost In The Shell”, yet I still got incredible depth in terms of story and characters, and awesome imagery and ideas. I knew what I was in for having watched Stand Alone Complex beforehand, but hey, this is still a thrill ride for first time viewers.

The story is set in a world where robots, people and people who look like robots (“cyborgs”) exist. It is these broad social relations that make the movie interesting - From the philosophical talk from a robot’s point of view about what “human” is, to the ways which technology constantly outdoes man. A group of operatives called Section 9 lead by the iconic cyborg Kusanagi, goes after a computer and (creepily) human hacker The Puppet Master, with politics and a breath taking futuristic slash dehumanised Japan thrown in for good measure. The screenplay is tightly written, which really shows here; every frame counts and nothing unnecessary exists. I particularly liked the designs of the technology and architecture, and the way every scene has something important to say about life.

I hear that this is movie was very influential on anime as a genre, and I suspect it is/was as it captures the essence of creating interesting entertainment out of crazy yet strait forward ideas, without going off on a tangent or coming across as absurd (it seems you can get away with anything in animation nowadays). Ghost In The Shell is a prime example of a movie which has great “watchability” - I of course won’t hesitate to watch it again and again, even though it is a little too complex at times and is, if I’m not much mistaken, missing a third act.

4 stars out of 5.


Cyberpunk Time is me writing about various Cyberpunk media for the fun of it!

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The Cyberpunk Time

I’m going to start writing a few entries on #Cyberpunk stuff I have watched…

I don’t think anyone will read it, but hey i suddenly like the culture so I’m going to write about it for fun!

Mostly reviews on Cyberpunk media like Blade Runner, Ghost In The Shell, Ergo proxy etc…

Click the tag below for more entries, and btw the artwork photo is from and the font is Writers!

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My new Homework #House EP is now available to see on Youtube! 

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Volunteering (Part 2)

Check out my latest blog post on Inside Edge!

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SoundCloud / philmarchiemusic

Homework [House EP]


Made an EP for my Uni work - I like minimalism so I’ve gone all House for this one!

Written, Produced and Performed by philmarchiemusic.

(C) 2014 Phil Marchie

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